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A Woman's Guide To Cannabis

A Woman's Guide To Cannabis

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If you've heard about the self-care benefits of cannabis for pain, anxiety, and mood improvement but have been overwhelmed by it all, your guide is here.

Harnessing the properties of cannabis can make you feel and look your best. This entertaining, expert guide for women of all ages will demystify the world of weed and show you how to find just what you're looking for. Whether its freedom from aches and pains or a fit of giggles.

Find the right dose to relieve anxiety, depression, inflammation, and mitigate signs of aging. Boost moods, even lose weight and get restful sleep.

Learn how to navigate the typical dispensary, with its intimidating variety of concentrates, edibles, vape pens, and tinctures. And understand the amazing health-giving compounds found in cannabis THC, CBD, terpenes, and more. Over twenty recipes, from edibles to self-care products like Radiant Glow Serum